V.1.1.2 won't let me download some of my old modules

new user to the forum, not to vcvrack.

I only recently updated from v.0.6 to v1.1.2 and I’m having issues with some of my modules; they just won’tget downloaded.

I noticed the software automatically created a “pluginsV1” folder, but some subfolders contained in the original “plugins” folder are gone.

I tried moving both folders out and re-download everything but that was useless.
I checked on my account, every module seem to be there, but the software simply won’t download some of them.

The first to come to mind are MSM, I tried downloading directly from their site, but the only files available are for v.0.6; were the modules discontinued? If so, is it normal that they still look like they’re available from vcvrack.com?

I noticed few similar questions were asked, so I’m sorry if this is redundant, but I only found solutions that had to do with opening older projects and modifing a few lines of code to get them to run, while I can’t even find these modules in new projects.


Not all plugins have versions ready for Rack 1. Check the plugin web page for the version supported.

It takes developers some time to update their plugins. You’d need to check with the individual what their timeline is.

The older plugins are still in the manager for people running the older version of Rack.

I see, thanks a lot for the quick answer!