using Trowasoft cvOSCcv to control my X32

I’m trying to get Trowasoft cvOSCsv to work with my Behringer X32 Rack. I’m able to make the connection, or at least I get good connection status from the cvOSCsv plugin. I’ve verified that I have the right IP/port and channel syntax using the Max for Live OSC Send plugin in Live. Using an OSC monitor I can see the traffic between Live and the mixer and between X32-Edit and the mixer, bidirectional. When I change the voltage on an input of cvOSCsv I do not see the OSC traffic to the mixer. Conversely, moving a fader in X32-Edit does not show a voltage change on an outlet in the cvOSCsv plugin.

Could this have to do with the namespace? None of the other OSC software I’ve used asks for a namespace param. I tried using the mixer name in there, but that didn’t make a difference.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rob

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Hi Rob, Jason here, from trowaSoft. The namespace should probably be blank. I see no mention of namespace in X32 OSC docs. Let me know how it goes!

Hi, Jason. Thanks for replying. I’ve only just been able to turn my attention back to this. Still can’t get it to work. I’m leaving namespace blank. I know I’ve got the right IP and port (10023) and the module is telling me that it’s connected. I’ve got the right path (ex. /ch/19/mix/fader) and the right data type (float). The conversion (which is the default) seems appropriate, converting 0…10 volts to 0…1 param value. But I just don’t see any comm between the module and the mixer.

On the same PC as Rack I’m running PCEdit (Behringer’s digital mixer interface) and a 3rd party traffic monitor for the X32. I can see the traffic between PCEdit and the mixer. If I run PCEdit on another PC I can still see that traffic, too.

There just aren’t that many variables here. I turned off Windows Firewall just in case… no joy. I’m currently stumped.

Hi @rob,

Did you ever have any luck with this ?