Using the Squarp Hermod sequencer with VCV Rack


I’ve used VCV Rack standalone and a bit with the Ableton bridge. I took the plunge into Eurorack awhile back, and just got a Squarp Hermod sequencer, which has a USB host/ MIDI output.

So far I’ve failed to figure out how I can integrate Rack with this setup, has anybody tried this before?

Things I’d like to do:

  • Send CV from Rack into my hardware
  • Send sequences from Hermod into Rack

Is this possible?

Well, I guess that for sending CV from VCV, we will have to wait until VCV 1.0 is out and will have CV to Midi modules. Or you can actually have a look at the Expert Sleepers 8 module, which will enable you to send CV to your hardware.
About sending sequences from the Hermod, why doesn’t it work? Did you use the Midi modules?

For CV and audio in and out of Rack, the ES-8 by Expert Sleepers is the true way. It looks a bit expensive, for a bunch of jacks and a USB MIDI cable, but it’s like building a bridge between Eurorack and not only VCV Rack, but other things too (from what i’ve heard, Ableton is one of them)

Ah ok, I may end up with an ES-8 eventually… the audio interface section is also really enticing. I did realize that in order to send midi from Hermod to rack, you need to enable the “MIDI Output” effect on the channel in Hermod. Hope this helps somebody else who has been confused about this.