Using TC-Data to control VCV Rack patches

Has anybody tried TC-Data from Bit Shape, to control/play their VCV Rack patches?

It runs on an iPad/iPhone, and is a MIDI and OSC Controller, that can use any of the iPad’s inputs (Multitouch, motion, etc.) to send MIDI or OSC messages, for controlling other devices. It think that It could be a great performance tool, for the VCV Rack.

Here is a description from the Bit Shape website…

“TC-Data is not like other iOS MIDI and OSC controllers. There are no sliders. There are no knobs (mercifully). Instead, your touches are the controllers. Distances, angles, rotation, speeds, and timings created by the touches generate streams of expressive data. When you perform with TC-Data, you are manipulating all of your parameters creatively in real-time.”

They also have a version of this App, that has a built in synthesizer, called TC-11 (paid), and TC-Performer (free), that you could try, to get an idea of what is possible with this.

Here is a link to the website: TC-Data information