Using Reroute together with soundcard input

Hi! Is it possible to send VCV outputs through Reroute to Reaper and at the same time receive signals through my RME ASIO driver for my soundcard? If possible I would like to manage all patching in VCV together with my Eurorack case and use the ES-8 and ES-6 modules for input and output and then only send the complete rack output from VCV to Reaper through Reroute. I have stand alone synths connected and I would like to record those directly to Reaper without passing through VCV rack. Every time I try to use more than one Audio I/O VCV crashes. Are there any tricks to solving this or is it not possible?

This will be fixed in Rack v2 coming shortly, which supports multiple audio interfaces.

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I am running Windows 10, that could be important information…

So different drivers in the same VCV session will be possible in v2.0 on Windows 10?

More than 1 audio interface, so I guess that means more than 1 driver, yes.

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Sounds great! Then I guess the Rearoute driver together with another audio interface will not be a problem? Do know how this will work with Reaper if the audio interface is used as main in and out for Reaper at the same time? If I go into options in Reaper and set that the Audio device should only use ch 1-8, should it work fine to use ch 9-16 in VCV on the same ASIO driver or could there be issues of Reaper locking the driver? Is there any I/O module in VCV that lets me choose specific channels and not just 1-8, 9-16 and so on?

It does sound great :slight_smile: I don’t know Reaper or ReaRoute and I don’t run Rack on Windows so can’t really answer those. But @Omri_Cohen does, maybe he knows.


Hi Jonatan! With ReaRoute, you can route up to 64 channels into Reaper, while using your main audio interface in Reaper. So you set it up in Reaper, and in VCV you choose ASIO-ReaRoute. There’s an audio module from Stoermelder with 64 ins and outs, but you will have to use another app to activate the other channels (by default it will activate only 16 ins and outs). I use the FM8 for this, but you can use any other synth. Just go to the ASIO setting in it, and set the channels to 64 image

while it’s open, select ReaRoute in VCV and you will have 64 channels.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hi Cohen! Thanks for your reply. My question was really if there is any way to use both Reroute and the Soundcard driver at the same time. So what I want to do is to use Expert Sleepers ES-6 as input to VCV rack via ADAT to my RME soundcard, so the RME ASIO driver is used by VCV. This way I can patch all my virtual modules together with my physical modules in my Eurorack. But on my analogue inputs of my RME soundcard I have other synths and guitars connected, so I want to record these inputs using the same ASIO driver inn Reaper and then I only want to record the output of VCV through Reroute. This would mean that I need connection to both Reroute and my RME driver in both VCV and Reaper, but I do not need to access the same channels, so I could setup Reaper to only use ch 1-16 and then VCV could use 17-24 Is there any possibility to do this?

Well, ReaRoute is a virtual driver so what you can do is set your RME interface in Reaper, and in VCV set the ReaRoute. That way, you can send up to 64 signals back and forth, and the RME is your main interface in Reaper.

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