Using Reason with vcvrack

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone managed to get Reason with vcvrack?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


As far as I’m aware this is still on the “to fix” list. Although I’m wondering if the upcoming VST optimisation update for Reason will improve things? I noticed early on in testing VCV Bridge with Reason 10 that the audio module reported 64 samples, regardless of what I set the audio driver buffer to and my guess was that this was behind the gaps/splutters I was getting from VCV when bridged to Reason. Turns out all instruments and effects in Reason always run at 64 samples (for various technical reasons). The update - coming in the next month or two hopefully - changes that. So VCV Rack might get fixed as a byproduct.

Or it might not! I’m speculating a little haha.

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Hi thechimpspanner, thank you for answering my question, I had a look at the Bridge with Reason and it was a ‘TODO’ on the page. I’ve just been on youtube and watched a couple of videos and I will have a go tomorrow and see how I get on eh :smiley: Hopefully I’ll win lol
Hopefully your right and vcvrack will get the benefit of the VST optimisation too! :slight_smile:

Hi Joe! Been a Reason user since v2. Just stumbled across VCVRack. Saw you were working on getting it connected to Reason as well. Have you had any luck?

I did see the YouTube video where a fellow used loopmidi (which I have) seemingly with success.

I haven’t even downloaded our installed anything yet.

Thanks and hope you’re having good luck with it. Looks like fun!

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I don’t know Reason too well, Bitwig user here, anyway recently I’ve been dabbling

Successfully tempo synced VCV Rack with Reasons clock in a roundabout way. VCV is clocked to Bitwig and Reason Linked to Bitwig. However I can not get CV from VCV into Reason. Gosh, I need to modulate some things in Reason via VCV HeLp

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Oh, how I wish I could help you. I have Reason 10 and now VCV Rack. Want to integrate. Found a VCV Rack vst2 64 bit plugin. Seems the VCV Rack + Reason 10 CPU demands are really overwhelming. Anxious to see what VCV Rack 1.0 implements.

Hi John and Soothsayer, my apologies for I have just seen your replies to my post. I have not been on here for quite a number of days :frowning:
I’ve been busy with family stuff of late eh, and now hopefully can get back to vcv!! lol
At the moment 'm still learning how to use vcv and will probably wait to see if any solution comes to help getting reason working with vcv :slight_smile:
Again thank you for your input guys :slight_smile:

Just wondering what systems you’re both using?
I’m on a Mac with El Captain OS

Win 10 3.7ghz intel I7 hexcore, 32gb ram Nvidia GTX770 4GB ram. It still complains when I get too many modules… 4 rows.

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That’s a lot of rows mate :slight_smile:

here is a way to do it:

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Thank you Eurikon!! I will watch and study your video very carefully and hopefully take it all in :smile:

Cool video Eurikon!!, sorry for not replying sooner :frowning:

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No worries!
Both methods work very well now with Reason 10.3
The method with the virtual audio routing of the MOTO ultralite, as well as the method with VCV bridge. :+1:t4::wink:

Thank you Eurikon!! I’ll be going thru this with a fine tooth comb lol

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