Using Rack to create a truly hybrid synth

I have a 5U modular synth, supported by a few Eurorack modules that include ExpertSleepers ES8, 3, and 6. With Rack I have been able to build a huge generative patch. Rack is used to line up a number of LFOs and Sample&Holds that create pulse waves that are then used to gate 8 envelope generators. The pulse waves are both frequency and pulse width modulated. This creates random gates with random trigger times (no clocks here) and random gate lengths. These are output through the ES8 to the 5U and the Eurorack modules. There are six audio channels with serious randomized modulations run through these gates all on the 5U system. There is no human interaction for the piece other than fade in and out while recording. Rack made all this possible. Thanks! To hear the output go to