Using Rack as a V-Drum Kit

I have a Motu 1224 laying around that will not fit my production workflows, but I think I might have found a purpose for it!

I want to turn this thing and it’s 8 tracks into a v drum kit with customizable sounds, and thanks to ASIO, this can be achieved with unnoticeable latency. However there is something that I would like to implement but i’m not sure how.

I plan to use piezo sensors as sort of “contact mics” that will be acting as gates, i’ve managed to get them successfully to that point, but i’m wondering if it’s possible to have velocity.

How would I go about having rack interpret the intensity I hit the drum with?

Isn’t that something what envelope followers are for?

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I don’t know, that’s why i’m asking!

Ok :slightly_smiling_face: I suggest you try an envelope follower. That should give you something useable…

" if a piezo transducer is dropped onto a hard surface, the voltage spike generated could be high enough to damage downstream electronics"

Carefull with those inputs, check if they are protected, or make a protection circuit. Link


Thanks for the warning! I might use some mics i have instead

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Indeed. You can get over a kilovolt out of a piezo crystal, think piezo lighters where a hammer hits a crystal and generates enough voltage for a big spark.

I’ve used cheap contact microphones and velocity didn’t look like an option to me. Dynamics are quite extreme.