Using Paulxstretch in VCV Rack

Hello everyone, I have downloaded Xenakios’ VST version of Paulxstretch and was hoping I could put it into VCV Host-fx, as anyone had any success using this in Rack? Host at present does not pick it up when I search for it. Xenakios is it a 32 bit VST?

Hmm. It’s 64 bit, showing up and working in Host-FX over here (just made sure, it captures input ok and stretches it as intended). Windows 10, Rack 2 Pro.

Thanks Guenon for getting back so quick, maybe it’s because I saved it in FL Studio VST folder, I’ll try put it in Generic VST folder? So that Host might pick it up?

Would it be possible to see a patch? Much appreciated.

You can see which directories Host is searching via the Plugins menu, and you can add new search directories via the “Add directory…” command at the bottom of that menu.

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Thanks Richie, I have saved it in a generic VST folder and now it has shown up! Huzzah

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I see you have this working, but FYI here’s an old video showing PaulXStretch in Rack 0.6.2