Using Faust with VCV Rack at PAW

See Programmable Audio Workshop 2020 program here:

VCV Rack is virtual modular synthesizer, allowing thousands of separated developed modules to be connected in patches to synthesize and process sounds. A new faust2vcvrack script has been added in the Faust ecosystem to easily generate ready-to-use monophonic and polyphonic modules, controlled by VCV and MIDI signals using the appropriate metadata. The programmable VCV Prototype module has recently been extended so that Faust DSP programs can be edited and compiled on the fly. Various examples showing the 2 approaches will be demonstrated.


Impressive. I’ve generated VST plugins via Faust, it’s an amazing system.

For those interested to follow PAW (Programmable Audio Workshop: tomorow, here is the YouTube link:

1 Like posted an article about the workshop and then updated it with notes, links and videos about it:

I’d recommend in general to read - it’s a good source of music technology news, the author Peter Kirn is a musician who uses Rack and posts main news about it.


Thanks for adding the CDM link !

As you can see on the Faust vs. VCV Rack screenshoot, the automatically generated GUI is still quite ugly :wink:. If more experienced VC Rack developers want to help us produce a nicer layout with beautiful widgets, feel free to react !