Upgrading to 1.X

Hello rackeadz!
The long lethargy had made me forgot I made a small plugin for the 0.6.2 VCV version. Nothing too big, just a collection of panels inspired by the sacred art of 8 bit games!
Here there is the repo on GitHub --> https://github.com/The-Great-Assyr/Chiptuner-0.6.2

Now, I would like to update them to the latest version of VCV and, finally, put them on the official repository but being all but a programmer I have found some difficulties in the upgrade process.

Again, I have the subtle suspect I am missing something “small but essential”.

Can someone point me out some documents to fill my numerous gaps of ignorance about?

I am still searching but maybe someone has come across this thing before me and can point the right path…

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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