Upgrading a module with breaking changes. Advice?


As I’ve been developing modules, I’ve been finding bugs or improvements to some of my old modules that I’d like to fix. In this specific case, I’ve made significant improvements to my “Grain Engine” module. But it no longer sounds the same given the same inputs. (And in a good way!)

My thought is to release the replacement module as “Grain Engine MK2” and add a little note to the original Grain Engine front panel that says something like, “This module is being deprecated on Aug. 1st, 2020”.

Does that sound reasonable?


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That sounds reasonable but I think I would put the note in the description. I think the key thing is that your new module sounds different, so from a lot of peoples point of view it’s just a different thing. In this audio world people (including me) all want the “original sound”.

Thanks for your feedback. I totally understand the concept of “original sound”! Ha ha ha. I think that it’s unlikely that anyone will miss the old version. My main concern was breaking someone’s patch. Anyhow, sounds like a plan! The new version is essentially ready to go!



In v2 there will be a supported “deprecation mode”, where the old one won’t show up in the finder but it will still load in old patches.