Upgraded plugins to V2 ... what next? (plus some feedback)


I’ve updated my Vitamin modules to V2: Upgrade for V2 by xaviershay · Pull Request #6 · xaviershay/vitamin-vcv-modules · GitHub

What’s the plan for:

  • when I should merge this to main
  • make this available to V2 users
  • keep the V1 version available for V1 users
  • anything else required to coordinate with V2 release

Feedback from upgrade, from someone who hasn’t looked at this code in a looooong time:

  • configSwitch labels didn’t appear to be working for toggle switches, but was fixed when I upgraded buttons to not use momentary = true and edge detection to maintain state. I copied this original pattern from the Fundamental mute plugin which still uses it. I’m not sure why, is there a reason I should be aware of? (Not an issue for mutes because they don’t use different labels for the toggle states.)
  • Lights just appeared to work differently? With no changes my lights were barely visible. I couldn’t end up replicating exactly what I had in V1 (with more work I could have done them again from scratch copying the V2 version of Mute which was my original base…), but with some quick fiddling got them working “well enough”.
  • The migration guide mentions not storing image/fonts across frames … I assume loadSVG here is fine because it wouldn’t be an OpenGL context? Only started wondering this when I was debugging lights.
  • New labels/tooltips/bypass config all made a lot of sense. Nice improvement.
  • Took me about 90 minutes all up, most of that was fixing button labels/behaviour and lights.

V2 looking very schmick!




I asked a very similar question: Steps after successful compiling for 2.0? - #19 by clone45

I’ll bet you $$$ that it will all become clear before it matters.

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