Updating Modules in 1.1.6 when 2.0 Arrives

As modules are updated for 2.0 compatibility, will they be stored in a separate category in the Library? That is, if I remain on 1.1.6, will my VCV installation “know” not to alert with a red dot, nor download, nor attempt to run 2.0 modules? Or will all updated modules be backward compatible? (Backward compatibility seems not very likely.)

I will probably want to have both 1.1.6 and 2.x installed, so I’d like to understand the potential for conflicts.


The will both exists side by side. Have all your Rack 1 stuff for example in /Documents/Rack and make a Rack 2 folder at same level, which ERack v2 will use if it finds it in the default user folder… easy peasy. Neither knows about the other, however library button in v2 still goes to 1.1.6 Library as the v2 one is not live until launch…

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Thanks, but that doesn’t quite answer my questions.

What isn’t answered? The v2 library is not yet llive, wait for release, then it will function as desired. It is early beta of v2 so patience… all will be good

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Hi @midiguru23! I think I understand your question.

Modules will definitely not be backwards compatible, you’re right. There could hypothetically be some hybrid format that contains both V1 and V2 binaries, but I would be surprised if that’s the plan. What’s certain is that a V2 build could never run in V1.

I would assume that (either via existing behavior or by a minor update) a V1 version of Rack won’t “see” a V2 version of a plugin and therefore won’t try (and fail) to update.

In particular, what I don’t think we’ve heard (well, at least I haven’t heard) is whether there will be a V1 version of the library that works in parallel with the V2 version. I’m 100% certain this issue has occurred to Andrew but I don’t know what the plan is. In particular, I don’t know if developers will be able to officially release V1 updates through the Library after V2 is released. It may be that any such updates need to be manually managed. As you probably know, all the update is doing is downloading a new plugin ZIP file into the Rack directory, which is then uncompressed into a subdirectory when Rack is restarted, so manual updates are very easy to do.

What I’m going to do (absent an official word on this) is subscribe to and update all V1 modules just before V2 is released, and back up the module directory. That way I can make reference to any V1 module that was released, load any V1 patch, etc.

I was thinking the same, what happens to all my patches in Version 1.16 and all the work I have put into them. I have 2700 ish modules in there, some paid and majority free, so is it a case of wait and see what gets converted to V2, Squinky Labs won’t get updated by Brian the creator, will Nysthi’s modules, don’t know? It could be a messy change over!

Just keep using v1 like I’m going to do. :slight_smile:


Yes that would make sense at present, see where V2 takes us when it all kicks in. Hopefully it will be possible to keep both versions V1 and V2 if need be.

Yes, they will be able to run side by side just fine, just like they always have.