updated msys and rack, now can't build

According to this [curl] build failure x86-windows-static after f12d986e6a06e0d761089d672df42511fa2dfe0d · Issue #12431 · microsoft/vcpkg · GitHub it is, indeed, an antivirus thing :S

Always exclude your dev folders from antivirus.

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Yes, I found that, too. That’s why I was hoping that’s it. And for sure recently defender has been giving me a lot of false positives on rack stuff. But I just (I think) excluded my whole rack folder, which is on a “Dev Volume”. Did rm -rf deps, git reset --hard origin, git submodule update --init --recursive, and make dep and the same thing happened.

I guess I can try one more time to do everything from scratch. Last time after I deleted my rack folder defender removed the exclusion rule I had.

$ git status On branch v2 Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/v2’.

nothing to commit, working tree clean


trying full nuke and pave now… nope, still have problem. Guess I can try turning defender off entirely. Seems like a good time to take a vacation from VCV…

no kidding.

I hope you managed to get it working.

After trying absolutely everything to no avail, I finally rolled back the compiler using your instructions. Now deps are happily building, so I think I’ll be ok. (later: yep, vcv, deps, and fundamental plugins all good!)

Tx again!!


What is the lesson from this? Should we not update MSYS? Why did you update it?

Of course I do not build rack, just my plugin. Nevertheless, I’m afraid to change anything these days. At my age, I feel that I am one step away from doing something that breaks my local Win11 development environment and process and I don’t have it in me to figure out how to recover.

I suggest running a dev environment in a virtual machine - easy to snapshot and roll back to snapshot if something doesn’t work.

VMWare workstation pro is free now. I prefer it to Oracle Virtualbox that is also free.



Well, I’ll ramble a little…

I update all my software all the time. I probably update my msys environment at least once a week. This may be a bad idea.

I always develop my plugins against a version of rack I build myself. I think long ago this was the only way (before SDK existed?). Now it’s not the only way, but it still has some advantages.

Based on a study of one (me), I would say that the current GCC can’t build the VCV deps. The last one couldn’t build VCV at all. I’m guessing that at some point msys will distribute a version of gcc that can build curl…

Based on this study of one, I would say if msys is working for you, don’t update. There’s probably no reason to.


In general that’s a decent idea. I guess for me (and maybe a lot of VCV devs on windows) msys IS my VM. It’s the complete dev environment for VCV, and I don’t use it for much else. (maybe Windows being so wildly different/bad has a silver lining there!).

I do use VMWare player on windows to host an Ubuntu VM where I run the build toolchain. saving a copy of that is a good suggestion. thanks!

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Apparently the problem lies with curl (MSYS2/MinGW/GCC 14) nonblock.c: In function 'curlx_nonblock': no non-blocking method was found/used/set · Issue #13579 · curl/curl · GitHub

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ah, interesting. tx.

Deleted my post, it was irrelevant to this thread.

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