Update 2.4.1 to 2.5.1, massive CPU hit, crackling.


how did you get back to 2.4.1 ? I am having the same issue and with 2.5.1 and the patch is unusable I have tried everything I can to think to fix it even removing modules that seem to use more CPU and still sitting at 150% with crackling and constant audio problems.

Before you go back have you tried 2.5.2 ?


I downloaded 2.5.2 on my other laptop to try it because I can’t risk losing the patch (its for an assignment) it was the same result. What I have had to do is get rid of nysthi simpliciter in the patch and now its spiking at around 89% which is useable, kind of. strange because i’ve had way bigger patches before that have never spiked this high.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Could you send the two patch files, with and without Simpliciter, as well as your log.txt file (found in your Rack user folder) to us at VCV Support so we can look at what’s going on?


Glad VCV Support is on it! :slight_smile: In the meantime, @sophiekilworth, if you want to get to 2.4.1 the binaries are available from the dev blog: it says “pre-release” but the files are final . If that causes trouble with paths, etc. you can build 2.4.1 using the relevant Github target and instructions available here, which will give you an isolated install and is a good experience if you ever want to get into Rack development. Good luck with the troubleshooting and the assignment!

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