unless modules in V2

Hello all!

I have ported my modules to v2, they are in the library here.

A few modules from my dev branch have been added to the ones that were already in the library, namely:

  • pianoid - a scrollable piano controller/monitor/sustainer)
  • pre-muter - a simple utility to fade in master volume on Rack’s start.
  • avoider - a v/oct signal corrector based on chords and intervals to be avoided

Check the manual for details (avoider still needs a manual but I’ve been avoiding doing that…)

Also added these to the v1 plugin.

PS.: Since we have a VST version now, I’ll also plug my Renoise tools I’ve been working on lately, maybe someone finds them useful.

Good luck!


Really glad to see these in Rack 2!

I didn’t know anything about the renoise tools, been a bit out of the look with that for a while. They look really useful so thank you for plugging them!

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Thanks, I only started with Renoise not long ago but I’m hooked, expect more tools to come :smiley:

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