Unfiltered Audio Announcements

I have a dedicated HetrickCV thread, but I didn’t realize that I never started one for our Unfiltered Audio modules!

Anyway, I submitted build 2.1.0 of Volume 1 to Andrew last night, so it should be up in the library soon.

This was a big round of changes and upgrades. Rack 2 dropped during a stressful work sprint, so the modules didn’t get enough love during the transition to v2. This is the first major update, but I’m already working on 2.1.1 to wrap up this round of changes. Volume 2 is receiving a similar update as well (minus polyphony).

2.1.0 Changelog:

  • Instant Delay, Pitch Delay, Glitch Shifter, and Fusion are now polyphonic! I’m particularly pleased with how much fun ID is as a polyphonic unit. Dent and Indent are still mono/stereo. I’m planning on releasing new polyphonic versions of these with different layouts since mixing polyphony with stereo jacks is a bit of a UX issue.
  • Native Apple Silicon support.
  • All jacks and controls are now labeled for tooltips.
  • Almost every parameter now has units displayed. The only exceptions are Delay Time and Indent’s Gain. I’m working on custom labels for these since they have much different logic, so those will be updated in 2.1.1.

Wow, can’t wait for that update, thanks! This is amazing news. Polyphonic effects are a game changer in my opinion, but I haven’t seen many other people taking advantage of it yet. Looking forward to trying 16 channels of Instant Delay!




These are now available in the library!

[0.430 warn src/plugin.cpp:237 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/UnfilteredVolume1: Failed to load library /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/UnfilteredVolume1/plugin.so: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.35' not found (required by /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/UnfilteredVolume1/plugin.so)

Linux mint, all other plugins fine.

Ahh yes… the old minimum required glibc version thing. Never understood why that’s not well documented.

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What’s the minimum glibc thing? I ended up buying a new laptop to use exclusively for Ubuntu 22.10 so that I can actively test all releases before they go out. I’m still learning about Linux issues and compatibility since I’m way more familiar with Windows and macOS.




Much appreciated. @contemporaryinsanity I’m working on a fix now.


Ah, the freedom of lin-arm64 experimental.

gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110
Copyright (C) 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

2020 though …

EDIT: #pragma mingw ivdep though ah, the windows poor-sicks community.

EDIT2: Maybe a Rack (Rockin’ Edge version), and ABI-boy d’ller loader?

EDIT3: I can see the build complaining about -lRack so, so, .la? From a versioned system object (.so) to a link all (.la) does the .so to native intron/extron specified (.t) which would also not just be the .la to modernize, but a morphological interface language of internals and deferred externals.

Linux builds should now be fixed! 2.1.1 was posted this morning and is just a rebuild using the Rack Toolchain.


Confirmed, thanks.

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Working great on Windows 10. An issue I reported where the input distorted is resolved as well, not sure if that was fixed or you couldn’t reproduce it, but all good now! It’s funny actually because a few weeks ago on another thread I was saying it’s a shame there isn’t a polyphonic delay with a feedback loop and BOOM, there we go! I’d forgotten how much I like Instant Delay, so I thought I’d make a lush ambient patch to demonstrate using it polyphonically…then I patched in Squinky’s F2 filter in the feedback loop, which has a stupidly agressive limiter switched on by default. Absolute madness! Anyway, a few beers later, and this happened: :wink:


New builds coming soon. I added in support for the new Dark Panel setting (including the fancy screws). Remaining unlabeled tooltips will be fixed (delay times, filter cutoffs, gain dBs). Finally, even though Unfiltered 2.1.0 added native Apple Silicon support, I think that the ARM builds need to be recompiled for 2.4.0 just to be safe.