TYA - ambient piece for Ambient Modular Compilation

Here’s my entry for Ambient Modular’s FB group Compilation (this is an ongoing selection of unreleased ambient tracks).
VCV Rack, PaulXStretch and some other VSTs meet Macro 2 and FM OP. Mainly played lived with more extra “noises” overdubbed afterwards.

Title is a wink to Antonio @synthi : I told you I would name my next track “Thank you Antonio” to thank you for your improvements on your mixers :wink:


Really nice Jean-Sebastien! Like it a lot. And that modular ambient compilation is going to be very interesting I think.

Thank you, @LarsBjerregaard, I share your feeling, this compilation is going to be epic :wink: !

Ambient Modular has released its first group compilation with 14 tracks. I’m happy to be featured with my VCV rack composition on track 3: https://ambientmodular.bandcamp.com/releases

I’m wondering if some other tracks were done with VCV?



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Yeah, this is a really nice, high quality compilation for ambient lovers. Congratulations on your submission!

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Thank you Lars, I was lucky to be picked up!
Same here, it’s really a pleasure to listen to this compilation.