Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all the little rackheads were busying about their families and porkroasts. But secretly they were thinking: “Should that filter really be before the VCA or after?”. Hmmm… and thus, a little something was needed to soothe your souls, and ease your worries. And it is written: Thy shall get thy priorities straight, and thy shall not touch the unholy Rack before thy family, or I shall smite ye down and not bless thy sequencers anymore. Thusly we go forth, are happy and fondle the modules ever more!


:sweat_smile: Right! … Really nice music, BTW! :clap: … I hope one they i can do music like this with VCV Rack

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Thanks a bunch Josep! Well, a year ago I started at “wtf is a control voltage”, which means there’s hope for everyone I think :slight_smile:

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Well, i also hope so :sweat_smile: … I have started seriously a couple of months ago after having buyed Voltage Modular, and seeing that it had not too much modules yet, i started with VCV Rack and here i am, a VCV Rack and Modular Synthesis fan :wink:

With regards to learning … I learned in a video from Colin Benders (worth to watch), that he spend 2 years learning … and now you say that you’ve spend 1 year … so a long way to cross before doing something decent with VCV Rack (or any other modular system) beyond mere experimentation (that’s why i’m so grateful to all those who, like you, share their knowledge with us, poor beginners :tired_face: :blush:)

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