Trying to do this minimal rack in VCV.

Hi ! i’m new here, and happy to try vcv. I’m trying to do a hardware inspiration rack in VCV, but i can’t find the same modules. (except Braids) Do you think it’s possible to help me to find a similar rack in vcv ? Thanks :slight_smile: Here is a screen from MG

There is braids already in VCV. for the rest, using tags in the module library you sould be able to find the closest module from what you have on your picture :slight_smile:

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thanks :slight_smile: i try, but can’t find the perfect match :wink:

A perfect match is unlikely to be found. The analog of the polyvox filter is vortex from vult. Dual VCA, envelope generator and mixer are included in the fundamental set.


Not sure you can find perfect matches, but close in function we probably have it :slightly_smiling_face:

For your filter (pf 04) i think Valerie from Lindenberg might be a good choice or some Vult filter like @Evgeny says .

Ferry , dual vca , and Z 4000 seem to be very generic modules. you can switch them with any mixer , vca ,and envellope you like (Vult has nice enveloppes with built in VCAs :wink: ).

To emulate Voltage block, i think you need a clock and a sequencer, there are many around to choose from. I don’t know all the functions of Voltage block, but i’m sure you can rebuilt each of them using other modules. Modular has pretty endless possibilities



thank you.

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