trowaSoft cvOSCcv: How to get XY pads on the TouchOSC iOS app to work with the module?

I’ve been enjoying the Trowa cvOSCcv module, mostly using it with TouchOSC on iOS. Single faders and buttons work great, but I can’t figure out how to get XY pads to work. I think it’s because TouchOSC is sending two values instead of just one.
Has anybody had any luck with this?
Maybe I should open an issue on the Trowa Github.

If all else fails puredata can be used to reprocess OSC commands.

I believe trowasoft is intended to be used in this way, since pd patches are used to translate launchpad keys in to trowaSeq commands over OSC.

Thanks for the tip! That’s a good idea.

Just stumbled on this today. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, cvOSCcv has poly ins/outs. So, you would set up a channel like “/1/xy1” and connect that channel to a VCV Split module. I would also suggest adjusting the “ADV” setting for that channel to scale the values to a range that fits your use case. Probably -10 & 10 on the CV out, and 0 & 1 on the OSC in (make sure “convert values” is checked).

a comprehensive tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

why? touchosc provides a powerful and flexible control surface which many vcv users might enjoy, and it runs on ios 9 devices which can be had for dirt cheap or less.

also, an open question: how many bits of resolution do these controls have? it seems the answer is 32 which is drastically superior than 7 bit midi cc.