Trigger event when no audio

I have generative piece that I would like for it to trigger stop/run when there is no audio for a certain amount of time. Any ideas?? TIA

Would a comparator work? Not really played with them, and never with audio signals though.

You can use an envelope follower with a slow release. Once the envelope reaches a low enough level, you can trigger a gate using a comparator set to a low voltage.


You can use Alikins “Idle Switch” for this.

Send the audio to the “Event Input” and set “Idle Time” to the amount of time you want to wait before considering something “idle”.

The idle “Start Out” will send a trigger when “idle” starts (ie, the number of ms in “idle time” since anything happened on the “Event Input” port).

There is also a gate output that is “high” (10v) when idle, and “low” (0v) while anything is happening.