Trigger a sample on the beat

Help please, I’m having a brain fade. Can someone remind me of the trick to sync playing a sample on the beat? So I press a button to trigger my sample at any time between beats, but it doesn’t actually play until the next beat. I’m sure I used to know this but… I blame lockdown.

ML Trigger Buffer.


Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. That module seems to send the trigger while it’s armed, with no delay, and not send the trigger while it is not armed. Triggers received while not armed are not sent when the module is armed. It was something with a S+H module, but I don’t get it at the moment.

But isn’t that what you want ? You press the button, and ARM the module, and the next beat triggers the sample ?


Er yes, thank you Yeager. As I said, lockdown is rotting my brain! All good now.

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