Another slowly materializing project, the documentation is done.

Outputs are connected to Home Bases, from where they send Travelers on their way to explore the Grid. Outputs hope for interesting signs of life they can transmit as pulses. Travelers follow the roads, that may be straight or bend ones. Every time they pass the Green Dot the Output gets informed by the Grid and pulses of joy.

There’s more than just streets and avenues though, there places of decision. Triple Junctions and Crossroads. Where do you go to my darling? Left, right, maybe back? There’s always a next step, unless …

There’s harsh places to be, the Black Hole, locked for ever, no way to go, no way to give a sign of life. Pulses from the Output will dry up.

No escape from the Pulsar either. Screaming on every beat for the rest of the Grid’s life time.

Sometimes there is just no where to go, the Traveler hits a border. The Grid will beam it back to its Home Base, from where the Traveler has to start its journey again.

There’s Dead-ends too in the Grid. Luckily Travelers can make a U-turn and follow the road back in their own foot steps. Maybe a other decision can be made along the way?

You, Grid Designer, have to take care of Travelers so the Outputs enjoy interesting patterns. You decide which of the 32 states the Grids Cells are set to. Oh, the Travelers won’t fall off the Grid, it rolls over in all directions.


Ooh, intriguing

In initialized and random state.

Is there a maximum to parameters? 256?

Now, write code…



Smart design and interesting use case. I can imagine with some colored lights moving through the grid, it would be hypnotic to watch. I would make the lights just a little larger.


The green dots are currently only an indication of whether a cell is an active or passive one. I tried different shades for the push buttons instead but that does not work.

For position indication I’m thinking of projecting a cyan circle on the knob, but have not figured out how to do it