Time Of Dreaming - Alpha

(Paul Piko) #1

This is a tweaked version of an ambient VCV Rack patch I streamed on Twitch. Marbles (random sampler), Plaits (macro oscillator 2), Braids (macro oscillator) and Shimmer are the main stars

(Jim Frye) #2

I am amazed with the sounds in this. Wow Paul well done! I have never heard Shimmer before, I gotta try that one. I have a question, how did you get the distorted guitar sound? This is now at the top of my vcv created favorites.

(Paul Piko) #3

Thanks very much Jim.

Valhalla Shimmer is using the same effect as that used by Eno and Lanois. It’s a special sound, and well worth trying. The new Valhalla Delay has some shimmer effects too.

The distorted guitar is coming out of Macro Oscillator. The timbre and colour are being modulated; I think most distortion occurs when colour is mid to low. The shimmer then exaggerates the effect.

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(Audhentik) #4

nice demo of the shimmer delay, well done!

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(Jim Frye) #5

Hi Paul, is this what you are using? Thanks!


(Paul Piko) #6

Yes Jim, that’s the one. They have a demo there you could try.

My son also used it on one of his albums. The last minute of this track

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(Jim Frye) #7

Wow Paul that is really good. Reminded me a lot of early Rush. I enjoyed that very much. Thanks

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