Three modules. Are they available in emulation?

Hello there people. I signed up for a site called and learned about the Make Noise 0-Coast and Doepfer high end VCO’s through several youtube demonstrations. Are there emulations of the two available yet for VCV Rack Pro? Also one more… Is there a Behringer Neutron one? If the modules are available are they pretty close to the originals in richness/texture/analog feel?

search on “hardware clone” in the libray. I’m going to guess the answer is no.

Well it often doesn’t specify what hardware is cloned. It’s a real confusion in VCV.

possibly the ppl doing the cloning don’t have the legal right to use the name. Maybe you should look for something besides a clone of a well known module. There are thousands out there.

I made a post requesting an informal list of models to be compiled in a reply or on the web by one of the users on VCV Community on a seperate post. I’ll be awaiting any assistance with it before asking the designers what they emulate.

None of those are emulated anywhere in the software world. If you want “richness”, try the Vult modules. The Vessek oscillator, Tangents filter, and Punch VCA are all component modelled and sound really damn good.