This YouTuber is Phenom(Darkest Sunray)!!

My mates and friends,

If you know someone struggling with VCV or just getting started, Darkest Sunray is both educational and super entertaining.

We need more of this :


in all educational videos; it’s not over the top, it doesn’t put you to sleep, and watching to the end is no problem.

Dont get me wrong, Omri Cohen is awesome and entertaining(my grandmother loves him), but if I was a newbie and watched some of his videos, on Geodesics for examle, I would give up before i started.

If you wanna get someone interested enough in VCV to stop hooking up a midi controller, please recommend Darkest Sunray.



there are in general not very much really hardcore beginner videos out there. thats one of THE reasons why people just quit using modulars in almost no time. the problem isnt even the very basics of synthesizing sounds, like whats an osc, a filter, an envelope etc and how to use it. the very main problem is the damn routing of the signal flows to and from all the other modules. mostly not even the in/out flow of the audio signal itself, but the flow of CONTROL data to or from sequencers, drummachines from the daw and to the daw etc and tryin to get the nomenclature of all these ins and outs together. i spent almost the whole evening tryin to find a simple tutroial how to connect vcv rack 2s new drummachine to get a simple sequnce goin either triggered inside vcv or from the daw sequencer. its stuff like that thats missing badly. most stuff is just show off your giant wall of patches or hustling thru a skillset which is beyond anything a noob can handle…

anyway, i will check your link, see if that person is doin it better (and slower fgs^^). hope the situation will get better in the next future.

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Yeah, you kind of hit a nerve here. The eurorack world full of knowitalls. Guilty. It’s just hard to explain sample and hold and why it is so great, though. It just is!! And that is the most basic of basic stuff! Frequency modulation… wavetables… euclidian sequences… boolean logic…!!! Headache stuff. If you ever have any problems or questions about that stuff, you can DM me anytime. I will try my damnedest.