This new iggie.labs Table measures well

We get into trouble sometimes here pointing out how much aliasing some modules create, so it’s a pleasure to find a newcomer who seems to know how to keep this under control. This is what it puts out without loading a file - maybe a built-in default to a sawtooth? In any case you can see that the only visible aliasing is above 15k, so unlikely to be audible. Much better than some others. It would be interesting to find out if this aliasing above 15k was in intentional compromise to avoid filtering down into the audio range, or what.

CPU usage is ok, too. Not as low as Fundamental VCO-1, and when you use the polyphonically the Fundamental is way better. But it’s still pretty good. Will be interesting to hear what they come up withe next!


Thank you so much! I admire your work, so it’s a pleasure to hear from you.

Yes, indeed, the default is a sawtooth and the aliasing over 15k is an intentional compromise. Nigel Redmon on EarLevel Engineering has a series of posts on band limited wavetables, and this was his suggested compromise that I stuck with. Perhaps if I have enough requests for moving up the filter for a “higher quality” mode I could make that an option. I also may include a few preset wavetables in case someone wants to try out the position scrubbing without using their own wavetables…

(Aside that there’s currently a small bug when you reopen a patch with Table loaded, the wavetable file isn’t reloaded. A fix should be in the library soon.)

I do have some more modules that I’m working on in the meantime. I’m getting more familiar with SIMD optimizations as well, so that should help out the CPU use with high polyphony.

Eyes peeled :wink:


I do have some questions/issues about Table. Do you want to hear about them here or github?

GitHub is preferred for bugs so I can keep track, but if you have general questions, feel free to let me know here.

I see one issue I had already reported, but I added a couple more. Let me know if it’s user error :wink:

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What a pleasure to hear from you, and so quickly. It looks like you are off to a great start, so I look forward to seeing what’s next!

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Replied on github… I think both errors are due to a bug in my documentation hah :wink:

Actually, I think it might be something else! I’ll move and keep conversation on the issue tracker.