This issue when VCV ends unexpectedly issue

So, this thing happens occasionally and once or twiced it erased work that was dear to me: When VCV crashes - it happens sometimes, rarely - or otherwise ends unexpectedly and I re-open it, it loads the patch I was working on BUT every now and then under the filename of an older project, from the session before. So one quick instinctive Save later, that project goes pooof. Is anyone else having this? Any fixes/workarounds?

I had that yesterday and luckily I saw what was happening and did a Save As - so I didn’t overwrite the previous project. I have had a few crashes in the past but this was different with the old name on the new file.

I experienced this once or twice… But I had trouble to replicate it.

Just from memory: I think it happened when I reopened VCV after crash, but before the crash-log appeared. I was just too fast and so I slipped in this parallel universe, where I continued my work on the last project, but under an ancient filename. - Just a theory. I also found the escape-route of a conscious ,save as…‘.

But I don‘t have VCV crashing that often, so it‘s not too bothering for me anyway.

It‘s certainly weird behaviour, so - thanks @purf for bringing this up!

Cheers, dDom

Yeah, I mean, I’ve been using VCV for 1 1/2 years and this happened only two or three times, counting yesterday but if it does, it can be quite painful. I’ll probably put a “Save as!!!” Sticky note in the corner of my screen :slight_smile:

The most insidious thing about crashes when this happens:

  1. You crash a patch.
  2. Next time you start Rack start with an empty patch and click “New”
  3. When you save your new patch it can overwrite the patch you were running when Rack crashed.

E.G. xyz.vcv crashes. Restart, and select empty patch if prompted. make patch and save. xyz.vcv is overwritten with the new patch.

This sounds like a bad bug. But one that will be hard to repro. Although maybe if this were posted on the VCV github someone could find the root cause without a repo.

filed a long while back and will be fixed in v2


I’ve had this happen a few times to me unfortuately.

One good protection against this is to use a cloud file hosting service as your default save location. The .vcv files are tiny so they don’t take up much space. I’m not sure about other services but Google Drive has the option to download previous versions of a file, so you can recover a patch that has been overwritten.


I know this issue for quiet a while now, so I check the name of the loaded patch carefully after each crash and save it to a new patch, mostly :wink:

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I had that too. Workaround: check filename before saving, only needed when switching patch after crash or load.

I crash quite a few times when loading a busy patch on startup. I’ve had patches which gave me 2 out of 3 failure rate and when the patch is playing. I’ve checked the crash log but the place of crash is different each time, so I expect a Heisenbug in one or two modules.

Are you using any VST’s in the patch? Anytime I use HOST, I have to force quit and make sure not to overwrite the patch like in your example.

I’ve had this happen before as well, good to hear that there is a fix for it in 2.0.