Things not made with vcv that begs for being made with vcv

to start the subject :slight_smile:
post here the many videos that leave you with the thought “I should totally do that in vcv”


Man, I have to try this Clapping Music!

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I’m sure i’ve made a patch similar to that but just haven’t put it up
I’d always rather use the technique and do my owh thing with it though.

Adam Neely recently uploaded this video, and “I should totally do that in vcv” was the first thing that came to my mind. This is my take on it, though it is only a sketch still.


I gave the Clapping Music a go using this pdf for extra guidance:

Patch here:


I did make a little Steve Reich tribute, at my Rack beginnings - Piano Phase:


Great topic Pyer

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Shift register modules are neat for quasi-canonic writing, but a true fugue (*) is probably not something I’d want to do with Rack. It’d be a good exercise though.

The Reich stuff would be easier if we had a modulatable clock with greater granularity wrt its divisions.

Tuplets are a problem in Rack ? I had no notion… :wink:



(*) See Bach’s Art Of The Fugue or Alfred Mann’s book The Study Of Fugue

The fugue would be super interesting, but it probably requires a fundamentally different kind of sequencer. Very interesting food for thought though.

You could do a canon quite easily with the as trigger delay or with a standard delay with short feedback

i did a reich inspired patch in my vcv rack experiments 50 day challenge last year:

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Wow this is really mesmerizing

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