The-XOR Expander modules

Hi All. I notice that the-XOR mentions expander modules on his github page but they are not included in the module bundle. Does anybody know where to find these (if they exist)? Expanders for klee and z8k are mentioned.

Thnx and enjoy your day.

Looks like they are in the github repo but have not been released yet. You could build them from source but I suppose if they haven’t been released (and there seem to be very recent commits) they might not be ready yet.

If you’re on Linux I can provide builds until they hit the library.

Thnx for the info. I was experementing with the Z8K sequencer and saw the expanders mentioned but couldn’t dind them anywhere.

Windows here, and unable to build such stuff. Thnx for the offer though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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