The ultimate distortion patch using

Used Squinky labs Saws combined with the Erica Black Octasource LFO and the amazing Resonator from Audible Instruments. Take both even and odd outputs and pump them through XFX Tube w some bass and more distortion and add a touch of compression from the MSC Compressor to fit it all in and a little reverb also from XFX.

Sounds like a P51 mustang flyover from WW2, except its powered by an antimatter prop engine and is ripping apart the atmosphere.

Here is a quick youtube link at the exact moment it comes in…

And also the patch itself

myfavdistorionever.vcv (17.4 KB)


Amazing! Your description of this sound is entirely accurate :slight_smile:


Yee Gods man… this is insane. Nice work!

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