The sonaremin v1.1.1 is out - vcvrack in a box


after a few more weeks of work and testing i would like to announce the v1.1.1 release of the sonaremin ( a small standalone device one can build based on various little arm computers like the raspberry pi, the asus tinkerboard, some android tv boxes and some other similar devices and which is built around my arm builds of vcvrack. it can operate in two modes: display mode - where it can be used like a regular standalone vcvrack installation to create or modify vcvrack patches with an hdmi monitor, keyboard, mouse and maybe a midi controller connected to it – and headless mode - where it can run with just a midi controller connected and using a specially prepared patch to play it like a hardware instrument or even without a midi controller connected to it in some installation scenarios where it simply plays a generative patch. in headless mode it can be used like a regular hardware device: plug it in and shortly after it will work and when done simply plug it off.

the major changes for this version are:

  • upgrade vcvrack to version v1.1.1
  • more included modules (65 plugins = 772 vcvrack modules)
  • more sample patches
  • prebuilt images for 64bit raspberry pi, s905w/x tv boxes and the tinkerboard only (more on request - just test an older existing image on your hardware - if it works then just ask me to build a current one as well for it)
  • support for realtime mode of vcvrack v1 audio threads (be careful with this on the raspberry pi as it seems to hang the system sometimes)
  • padtv1 and synthv1 get their own routing if jack is used (besides a routing with vcvrack together)
  • extra-files is no tar file anymore - unpacked now as it is much easier to handle this way and gives a better git history
  • lots of minor fixes
  • i am no longer testing the vcvrack v0.6.2c installation on the sonaremin - it is still there but untested

i consider the sonaremin feature complete from my side now - my todo list is empty and i’ll just update it with newer vcvrack versions for a while. the only new stuff i plan to add in the near future is maybe some more documentation of how all of its many features can be used.

you can get the latest prebuilt images for it from here:

in case you just would like to play around with vcvrack on a raspberry pi running the latest raspbian buster, there is now also a fresh vcvrack build for it at and you can find some documentation of how to get it running at …

good luck and best wishes - hexdump