The other Subharmonium VCO

The new Substation modules are very cool and seem to work very well. I am impressed.

If you just want the Subharmonic VCOs, there is also our “Substitute”, which came out last July and is free and open source. It, too, is closely based on the VCO section of the Subharmonium.

Like most of our modules it uses very little CPU and outputs very little “digital grunge”.



I have used this a few times, but I’m unsure what all the div dials and sub A etc do, I’m not a reader of manuals, so have you any sound/visual footage. Maybe I’m feeding them wrong. Much appreciated, once I know what does what, I’d use it more.

A very silly question perhaps, but when one refers to a “sub-harmonic oscillator,” is that literal? In other words, is the “fundamental” actually a higher harmonic of some lower tone which is included in the output?

No, sorry, just the manual. Videos for the Moog would probably explain it. I see you know how to use the Substation - aren’t the features similar? Substitute just copied the features from the Moog.

No, not silly at all. But in most people’s nomenclature I think you are correct. The fundamental series sort of goes backwards. But since they are strict divisions, the “subharmonics” aren’t necessarily very close to even tempered pitches, which is why the moog unit (and mine) have a built-in just intonation quantizer.

The moog manual explains this stuff pretty well. My manual tries a bit.

The Substation controls do look similar, just done a test on substitute driving it with a BPM LFO, got some good tonal variation out of it, so if you feed it any audio, even samples? Would it give subharmonics of vocal samples etc? Gonna have to try all these options out. Thanks for your time :smile:

Well,you can try anything and see if you like the sound. But all of these devices are basically vcos with dividers. And then hopefully something to tame the resulting aliasing. So it’s more like a normal VCO with a suboctave output. Except instead of suboctave it’s “ sub any even division”.

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