Textural, pretty, generative ambient

Hello! I was interested in generative patches with vcv and modular synthesis and decided to make a sort of template for myself so I don’t always have to grab new modules. This ended up being one of my first patches. I was inspired by Mylar Melody’s video who pretty much uses the same setup (Stages, Turing Machine, Rings, etc) but I modified it to be more to my liking of course.

Have fun!

generative 1.vcv (27.7 KB)


Thanks Cody, looks very good as Omri Cohen might say. Plenty of great modules there to manipulate sound!.

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This looks fun! I’ll have to have a go at making something (good :crossed_fingers:) with it. :smile:

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thx for sharing,
maybe it would be cool if the users of the patch would upload their variations

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Of course. The more variations the better. I got bored with this template very quickly lol

Hi Cody, I’m new to this. Can you teach me how the signal flow works with modular synthesis over Facetime or Skype? I will of course Venmo you money.

DM me