Text Tutorial : Quad Delay Drum Destroyer

This one does something I don’t really see in the VST Plug-In world but I can’t be the first person to think of it. It’s an delay/filter effect that chains several identical signal chains with different settings, and crossfades between dry and wet signals either manually or automatically with random gates.


Those are great!
by the way, another really nice module for cross fading is Pulsars from the Geodesics. A lot of possibilities there…

The Submarine stereo crossfader is simple, the Geodesics are less immediately obvious. I’m a lot more about simple, straightforward modules that can be used creatively, which the Submarine is. There’s a place for Geodesics but the UI is a bit to impressionistic for me.

Fair enough :slight_smile: Great tutorials though!

Bonus Beats, err bonus melodies – run some synth voices into it.