Text tutorial on using tempo-synced modulated delay

I’ve talked on the Facebook group about liking written tutorials as an alternative to the video tutorials, so I decided to do one myself.


Just had a go at this without the patchbay thing. I used computerscare father & son instead and, while it is random, it’s certainly interesting. Extra entertainment value can be had by placing a slew limiter between the patch bay and the delay.
Actually, there’s got to be a free module that can do it…hmm.

Okay, got it. Use Hetrick Rotator and with Alan as the degree of rotation.
I think that’s equivelant to what you’ve done.

Interesting technique, and great write-up - thanks! I also prefer a written tutorial to a video, and that’s a very good example of why.

I’m using this technique now (4:57 BST) while streaming:

Will probably stop soon.

Okay, done now.

Here’s a Youtube video of my patch:

Very nice write up!

I got as far as the AS BPM calculator. Then I got distracted with distorting the delay output. Thank you so much for this buddy.