Testers wanted for SFZ sample player.

There is a new Squinky Labs module that is almost done. It’s a sampler that plays samples in the SFZ format. There are many free, high quality sample libraries available in this format. It’s also easy to make your own.

For the optimal testing experience you should be willing to sign up for a free slack account, so that we can communicate easily, and have a google account so we can share documents. Usually I provide Windows builds, and let Linux and Mac testers build their own. Although I can provide build on these platforms from time to time.

If you are interested, please send me a PM. If you want to save some time, send along a google ID, and and email address that you would use with slack.


it is very nice that you picked up that idea - i think it will enrich the possibilities of vcvrack quite a bit … i’ll do some testing as well as soon as testing gets a bit broader (no slack etc.)

thanks a lot and best wishes - hexdump

Great indeed to see this is happening at Squinky :slight_smile:

Same here. :+1:t4:

I would test too, but I don’t use my google account or slack normally just pm here or email

well, I don’t want to discourage people who want to help out. But it would be difficult to get much out of this module without instructions, which at the moment are 15 pages long in a shareable document that supports commenting (which I will clean up eventually). But I get that some people don’t want to use cloud tools.

Do other devs send plugin builds and documents in individual PMs from this community site?

I tend to send plugin builds by email and chat with testers here or on FB Messenger.

how about documentation?


I’m sure the cloud thing is more efficient but…

how about using github for this: create an issue for the discussion and put the document on a github wiki page?


I’ve done lotsa beta testing (for VST software) in the last 20 years, either by e-mail communication or on dedicated beta-forums from the developing companies. here for VCV modules betas mostly via PMs.