Test Vult paid modules in v2

If you own the Vult paid modules and want to help me test them before v2 is released, send me a message and I’ll send you the binaries.

Things to check:

  • if they load correctly
  • all the labels of jacks, switches and knobs are correct
  • they behave normal as in v1



gonna send my message now

here is my message, I own every Vult plugin

Haven’t seen anything unusual in my tests. Haven’t tried every module, but used quite a few.

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I think that I already have enough testers. Thank you!

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lol 15 hours and I’m late :smiley:

how can I know if “mysteries” plugin is working fine…I have to admit that I don’t have understood yet everything they do! :rofl:

It’s just matter of checking that the magic insides the Mysteries is not used to cast dark spells.


Or not used for reggaeton???

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