Terminology re plugins and modules

Let me get this straight. Is it the case that a Plugin is the top level construct and can contain one or more Modules, a kind of one to many relationship?

I tend to think of plugins and modules as the same thing, but in this context they are obviously not.

So when we make a dist package it is one plugin, containing multiple modules?

And when you subscribe to a maker in the VCV Library, you get one plugin, but with all the makers modules, correct?

[I suppose I am in the running for the Dumb Question of the Week Award. Forgive me - a newbie developer.]

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this is correct.

You have it right Andrew. Most people who are confused are because:

  • They listened to other people who are confused.
  • They have a background with DAW’s and VST plugins, where a VST plugin works like a module does in VCV Rack.

See also:

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Actually, this is not 100% accurate. VST „plugins“ can also contain multiple effects or instruments. These are called „shell“ plugins.
This is not used often but most prominent examples are Waves and Expert Sleepers Silent Way.

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This is all correct, except one nitpick.

A plugin developer can create multiple plugins with the same brand.