Techno Jam with VCV + Euroack


my latest jam with my hybrid system consisting of VCV Rack and some Eurorack goodies.

Everything is recorded into VCV Rack via Expert Sleepers I/O.

Everything is clocked by Pamela’s New Workout.

VCV is used for mixing (MindMeld mixers controlled with an old Korg nanoKontrol) and usage of FX and so on + Prok Drums which are sequenced with Studio Six Plus 1 sequencer which I control with an APC mini.

Recorded to individual tracks with Nysthi Polyrecorder.

Eurorack modules by Instruo, WMD, ALM Busy Circuits, Zlob, Intellijel, Expert Sleepers, Ornament & Crime (with Logarhythm Branch) Qu-Bit, Klavis, Zvex, Noise Engineering, Steady State Fate, Manhattan Analog, Xaoc, Synthesis Technology, Frequency Central, Squarp, Rabid Elephant, Erica Synths, TipTop Audio, Emblematic Catalyst, Studio Electronics, Livestock, IO Labs Flux, Malekko, Antumbra, Doepfer, Eurorack Hardware.

Cheers, t.