Tape stop module

Hello me again, I am sure I saw a ‘Tape stop’ module in the Library but now I can’t find it now! Was I dreaming it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Thank you, thought I was losing my mind there! I was doubting my sanity! Do you know how it works, it looks very simple but … I got it to work huzzah!

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don’t bidoo modules have instructions? I thought that they did.

The instructions for fREIN read as follows:

“Tape stop module. Quite simple.”

Here’s a quick showcase how this module works tape-stop-showcase.vcv (31.2 KB)

The problem is, that there might be an annoying click-noise on hitting the start button. I tried to avoid this by using an envelope, but it only prevents this click sometimes.


Thank you, indeed a simple fx but somehow very enjoyable! Thanks for putting the patch together, would this work with your Tape Recorder module as well, that could produce some interesting results?

I don’t know, but you can do a tape-stop on Tape Recorder as well. The only difference is that you have to pre-record some music or noise.

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Thanks once again, your ingenuity knows no bounds!