Synthi - how to install?

I’ve just seen the notification for the new version of Nysthi 2.0.6, and thought this might be a good place to dip my toes in the area of plugins. I can download the NYSTHI-2.0.6-mac.vcvplugin file from Github and presumably copy it to my Rack2/Plugins folder, but is this correct? Should I be using the VCV Library instead. The trouble is, if I go to the Library, there are 149 items listed under the Nysthi name? I’m sure this will all make sense one day, but that day is not yet, sadly :wink:

JUST got my automatic updates from NYSTHI for 2.0.

While I’m really happy that you got your automatic updates, I’m having trouble seeing how that answers my question :smiley:

Sorry, I thought you were trying to build the modules since they weren’t yet available through the library.

No problem. I’m brand new to VCV Rack 2, so I don’t have any existing version to automatically update.

Most plugins are available in the library. Log in, go there, and subscribe to the ones you want. They will be downloaded and updated automatically.

I repeat…

Choose 1, get 148 free

Subscribe on one and you will get all of them.

The answer is “yes” - copying the vcvplugin file to Rack2/plugins and relaunch Rack.

Yes, but for most people the normal way is easier, and give a convenient update in the future. But this hacker way you folks want to try does work, too.

Maybe the confusion here is due to the library now has an add and remove option for each module. It is not at all clear from this that selecting one module from a brand will select all of those modules. Previously was unambiguous since one selected an entire brand.

I think this thread started AFTER @synthi posted the Nysthi plugin for download, right before it got accepted into the library. Other things like ValleyFree you still have to install the caveman hacker way :wink:

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Thanks everyone for the explanation. I’d like to think that I am way too sophisticated for “caveman hacker ways” :wink:

Oh, for sure.