Synthesizing a Storm in VCV Rack (I hope it fits to this category...)

(Omri Cohen) #1

VCV Rack is a beautiful sound design tool, offering a broad palette of tools to choose from, and almost endless possibilities combining them all. In this video, I synthesize a few storm sounds, creating rain, wind, and thunder, all with different types of noise as a sound source. Of course, there are many ways for creating storm sounds, and with every tweak of a knob the vibe of the storm is changing, so feel free to download the patch and experiment, creating different effects. All the sounds you hear in the video were created in VCV Rack.

(Nikolai V. Chr.) #2

Very nice!

(Omri Cohen) #3


(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

That’s a great one Omri! The rain was extremely convincing.

(Adi Quinn) #5

Dude. That rain, I tried to watch the video after a long day and just fell asleep to it, it was so nice until I woke up to a youtube ad, oops! I still need to re-watch so I can figure out how you actually made it. Seriously, I love these sound effect or sound design type videos, that’s some good stuff right there, thanks Omri!

(Omri Cohen) #6

Thanks so much, Lars!

(Omri Cohen) #7

I think that it’s quite common to fall asleep with noise in the background, and the rain is actually just noise…