Synchronize Triggers from different signal paths?

2020-04-25.vcv (125.7 KB)

So the situation is I have 2 of @jeremy Wentworth’s Gridseqs being merged into polyphonic CV/Gate driving a Macro Oscillator 2. So 2 monophonic sequencers driving one polyphonic synth voice.

The Gridseqs get their horizontal and vertical clocks from a VCV Pulse Matrix.

I want to create a third CV/Gate to merge with the other 2, for 3 voices. This voice would be:

CV: The average of the output of the 2 Gridseqs.

Gate: The XOR of the 2 Gridseq gates AND another trigger stream from the VCV Pulse Matrix.

The problem: Because each module introduces a one sample(?) delay, the gates from the two GridSeqs are behind the triggers from the VCV Pulse Matrix. So the XOR of the 3 gate signals is stuttery, because the gate from the Pulse Matrix arrives before the gates from the GridSeqs.

I tried to fix it with Multiple - which also adds a 1 sample delay, but it doesn’t line up that third gate (from the Pulse Matrix) with the first 2 (from the Gridseqs). Using more than one

Anyone have a solution to this? Could the GridSeq’s be introducing more than one sample delay between their incoming clocks and their gate outputs?

Looking at the scope I think part of it might be that the pulse width of the output of the pulse matrix doesn’t match that of the GridSeqs.

EDIT: I got things lined up a bit better by triggering an envelope from the third trigger signal so that logically it had a pulse width at least as wide as the Gridseq gates. 2020-04-25-2.vcv (137.5 KB)

Try hooking up a scope to the grid seq output and the pulse matrix output to see how far the triggers are apart

Try using AS Signals Delay on the output from the Pulse matrix with which you can vary the delay time up from 1ms to get them to line up?

You can use Alikins Gate Length module to adjust the length of the gates output by Pulse matrix - looks to me that it does the job on the default setting.

This grab shows the 2 Gridseq outputs in channels 1 and 2 and the Pulse Matrix output in channel 3 (via Gate Length).

Gates look same length to me and synchronised?? if not synchronised could use AS signal delay to adjust…

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That seems to be perfect, thanks!

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