sync vcv rack and semi mosular synth (with ableton)

hello all :slight_smile: I have the semi modular pico system 3 and i want to sent him a trigger from ableton 10 suit. my sound card is presonus 6/8 usb (he dosent have a mixer so i cant use cv tools). i want to send a trigger from ableton to vcv rack and to the input of my seq on the semi modular synth.

can someone help me how to do this? this is how my vcv rack connected and nothing is happening.

Hi there!

not sure why you have VCV Rack mixed in the question.

Your question is sending clock trigger from Ableton to Pico System 3? If that is that is the case, then according to the specifications of the Presonus Studio 68. All the line level outputs are DC coupled.

Theoretically this means that you can send from inside Ableton for example to channel 3&4 of the Presonus out: Clock & Reset triggers, to the Pico system.

Possible could look like this (i might be wrong , someone correct me if so):

Not sure why VCV Rack is involved in the picture. If you want to sync VCV Rack to the Pico system in a modular way (Clock sync), you could try to use Impromptu Modular Clocked. Send one of Clocked’s module outputs to channel 3 or 4 (make sure these are not connected to your speakers), and use that as clock trigger for the Pico System.

I hope this makes sense, or helps a bit.