Switching between sequencers

What is the best way to switch between multiple (say 4) sequencers? Basically, like a “solo” button for each sequencer. The Bog Audio 8:1 sequential switch almost does what I want, but I’d like to be able to skip around, not just move sequentially

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I’ll take a look, thanks!

Hetrick Rotator will do it.

Nysthi The Cage.

I took a look at Bogaudio 8:1 and it will do what you want if you put random noise with a s&h, or a turing machine, into the “select” cv.

(The octal router looks super awesome.)

Oh, actually, what I mean is that I’d like to “select” a sequencer at will, rather than have it skip for me (though I’ll prob do that too). So yeah, actually maybe more like what the Mutes module does, but with toggle solo, so I don’t have to mute one sequence and then unmute another. Just press “1”…“4”…“2”…“1”…etc.

I can kind of fake it with 8:1 but since it’s a sequential dial there is some bleed as it tries to play the numbers in between if I go from like 1 to 4 immediately, etc.

So you want to press a button and have that select a sequencer? Use something like ML Triggered Switch. If you want to connect larger buttons (like RJModules Button) then Nysthi The Cage will let you do that.

You could also use any one of the sequencers that has multiple sequences with CV selection. Improptu’s Phrase Sequencers, Bidoo dTroy/BordL. You can always use 8Face to store multiple sequences with button selection.

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Dag2099, ML Triggered Switch 8:1 did it, thanks! Rick, that’s a good way too, but I’m using the Bene sequencer attached to Branches for a semi-random sequence locked into a scale/chord. I’m sure there are other ways, too. I’ll check out other sequencers to see if there’s one that can have multiple sequences, but also randomization of the pattern.s.

One other thing to consider is that some sequencers (including Bogaudio ADDR) are polyphonic so you could use a polyphonic switcher to switch between channels (you need to send a polyphonic clock signal to make it work).