Switched On Rack Vol. 3 sign-up sheet

(Andrew Belt) #1

Switched On Rack Vol. 3 needs a few more tracks before mastering begins! If you’d like to be a part of this album, add your song to the bottom of this sign-up sheet. See the guidelines at the top of the sheet.

(Mike) #2

Awesome, been looking forward to this.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #3

Submitted! I’m really looking forward to another great compilation by the fantastic Rack musicians :mage:

(Jim Frye) #4

I would like to submit an entry, but it’s an OBS generated MP4 video, and I don’t know how to, or if I can get, 24-bit 44.1kHz file from it.

(Adi Quinn) #5

Hey Jim! I could probably help you do it if you haven’t figured it out yet. If you want, message me a link to the video file, and I should be able to throw into ableton and get a 24bit 44.1kHz wav file out of it without any trouble and send back to you. I just did the same for my submission that was originally an OBS video recording.

(Jim Frye) #6

I sent you a message some how. lol Thanks!

(Fahmi M.) #7


(Andrew Belt) #8

Reencoding from a lossy format defeats the purpose of lossless WAV/AIF/FLAC. You could probably send me a Youtube link, but it will affect the chances of selection. We’re pretty full at the moment for Vol 3.

(Adi Quinn) #9

I would think the youtube link would be worse than the original file(before any personal mastering, before uploading to youtube). But this is good to know for the future, should probably start getting in the habit of recording a wav file separate from a video recording, thanks Andrew!

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(Jim Frye) #10

Thanks for the information. This is new to me, so I don’t know if a youtube conversion is the problem, or if it’s my original video from OBS that is the problem? edit: I am currently trying to determine what OBS uses. I think by default it was set for optimized for streaming. I’m trying to find how to check for 24bit 44.1kHz mode. I could also recreate it and record the audio. Of course there is no guarantee it’s what you want, but it got a really good reception.


When you set up OBS it asks you whether you want to be optimized for streaming or recording. I’ve got mine set up with 2 profiles (one for each) The recording profile seems to be 44.1khz. Don’t know if that helps. There’s go to be a way to extract an audio file from the video (aren’t mp4 files just containers or something?)

(Jim Frye) #12

Andrew it’s ok if you want to break this out of your thread.

Thanks Dag, I was able to find some info. It looks like it recorded in 44.1kHz, but no idea on the bit. I had it on high quality medium file size. Should I set it to "Lossless quality with tremendously large file size? lol A good reason to keep things under 6 minutes. :smiley:


I think, personally, I’d rerecord it using that Nysthi plugin 2 channel master recorder.

You lol but that’s exactly what i would do. You can always take away detail with compression but you can’t add it back in.

(funkブラスタ) #14

Signed up my entry.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #15

I think that’s the best option Jim, that’s also what I did. NYSTHI Masterrecorder, right-click, 24-bit.

(Jim Frye) #16

Yes I agree. I will give it a go when I get some more free time. Thanks Lars

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