Switch subdivision (1/16th, 1/8th, etc) gradually, with a slew ?

I’m working on a patch with a lot of parameters generated by on-trigger random numbers

I have a slew while variating the tempo, to give an elastic feeling of time ; and now I want another slew to gradually switch between subdivisions. I made a patch just to experiment on this.

Here is a picture :

Here is the patch :

bpmchange.vcv (4.6 KB)

It’s been days but I can’t figure out how to achieve this. If you have any idea, help will be appreciated

The easy answer is just use Tides/Tidal Modulator 2 red output mode then mod shift/level.

I don’t think that would work well because the clock multipliers are constantly trying to calculate the time between triggers, so you need a steady clock, but this works well:

If you need more subdivisions, just add another Clocked.

Hope this helps.

Oh BTW, check this out when you get a chance:


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If you’re looking for a gradual, continuous slew of the subdivision (i.e. not just switching from one fractional division to the next), you could use a phase clock, which is a handy tool for playing with fluid tempo changes. If you run the phase output of the ZZC Clock into a multiplier (just a regular scalar, not a clock multiplier) then put that scaled signal into the phase input of a ZZC Divider, it will “wrap around,” so that you’ll get a new phase clock signal at a multiple of the original rate. And the number you scale it by doesn’t even need to be an integer!

The various clocks will get out of phase with this technique, which might not be a problem at all if you’re just riding the waves, but if you want to sync up multiple clocks/divisions with one another, you’ll need to decide on a common baseline to reset them all, possibly causing some stuttering. Here’s a patch where the divider’s just reset by the main clock. Remove the reset cable for a freerunning division.

phase_clock_tempo_divisions.vcv (2.3 KB)


I used the concept of V/BPS (Voltage per Beat Per Second) in ZZC’s phase clock to solve a similar problem. V/BPS is in the right click menu. After switching the clocks don’t align, but I use ZZC’s FN-3 to manually shift the phase to realign with the base rhythm after the rhythm has settled.

gradual clock.vcv (2.9 KB)